The safety for Fink as well as the precision, the easiness of use and the long-lasting of the tools are an integral part of the quality of the product.

The planning and the production obtained with CAD-CAM systems together with the quality control allow Fink to obtain tools conformed to the EN 847-1 and EN847-2 European rules, routers which sets the standard safety of the tools ensuring a constant and high standard quality.

The new products are tested in specialized laboratories which ensure the abidance (respect) of the safety rule for both manual and mechanical feed tools.

All the above together with a constant research in new technologies and in the use of new materials allow the customer to obtain an improvement and an increase of his own production with the utmost safety.



Fink srl is member of ACIMALL, the italian woodworking machinery and manufacturers' association, and represents over 85% of the whole industry of this field





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